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Frøya "Only the best of Salmon"

In the beginning of 2023, Frøya Salmon expanded its investment with several new products in its range and increased distribution in grocery retail. However, the challenge was that only 50% of the Norwegian population was familiar with the brand. The task was to develop a communication concept that can be utilized over time, along with an advertising campaign that contributes to increasing awareness of Frøya more immediately.

The strategy was focus on Frøya's most distinct unique feature, being more precisely trimmed than its competitors - making it easier to achieve a perfect result every time. With the communication concept of "the perfect cut," Grid establish both the knife as a brand marker and the slogan: Frøya - only the best of salmon.

The solution was to make short films for (social media + TV sponsorship) where we get up close with the salmon fillet, the knife, and the final touch on mouthwatering dishes that entice people to try them. Graphics customized to bring out brand-building design elements and convey the sensation of the knife in action during the trimming of the fillet.


Director: Joon Brandt

Agency: Grid

Producer: Join Forces

Dop: Phantom Gravity

Color: Storyline